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Lakers see hard work in practice paying off

Sounds of the Game: Lakers praise Julius Randle’s work against the Blazers and look forward to a strong preseason finish against Sacramento.

Lakers defense improving with each game

Access 360: Coach Dave Miller breaks down what the Lakers did right defensively to keep the Blazers at bay.

Preseason highlights: Lakers vs. Blazers

4-Minute Replay: Lakers put together a strong effort against the Blazers without Kobe Bryant; win 94-86.

Casino time for the Lakers

Backstage Lakers: The players take some time away from basketball to focus on “Casino Night”, a fundraiser event for the Lakers Youth Foundation where the team gets the chance to celebrate with fans the start of another season.

‘Mad-dog’ steps in for some one-on-one basketball

Backstage Lakers: Lakers assistant coach Mark Madsen returns to the court to take on the players after practice.

Inspiration in the Game Ball Presentation

Backstage Lakers: 16-year-old Erica Wilson, who suffers from a neurological disorder, was honored by the Lakers for her motivation and her ability to take on challenges. After losing her ability to walk, she turned her attention to wheelchair basketball.

Lakers focused on the positives after loss to Phoenix

Sounds of the Game: Kobe Bryant praised Jeremy Lin in his return as the Lakers agree that they’re finally starting to gel as a team.

Preseason highlights: Lakers vs. Suns

4-Minute Replay: The Lakers showed signs of improvement in the dramatic 114-108 loss to the Phoenix Suns.

Room for improvement in offense for the Lakers

Access 360: Coach Dave Miller analyzes the offensive miscues the Lakers had in the game against the Suns.

Julius Randle improving under Byron Scott

The Lakers rookie looked more confident and aggressive in the win against the Utah Jazz on Sunday night.

A big difference in defense for the Lakers

James Worthy and Robert Horry analyze what the Lakers did right against the Jazz and what they have seen from Kobe Bryant so far.

Sounds of the Game: 'We've got to attack defensively'

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers want to be aggressive on the defensive end this season, and Sunday's win over Utah is a step in the right direction.

4-Minute Replay: Lakers ride second-half comeback to win

Highlights: James Worthy and Robert Horry break down the top plays as Lakers crank things up in the second half on the way to a victory over the Utah Jazz.

Omar Gonzalez and Todd Dunivant: Fathers to be

Backstage Galaxy: The significant others of Galaxy players Omar Gonzalez and Todd Dunivant celebrate their impending parenthood.

Voice of the Galaxy worked hard to get where he is

Backstage Galaxy: Joe Tutino is a versatile and experienced radio talent who truly found his niche as the lead announcer for the LA Galaxy.

Worthy: Kobe is 'still getting the job done'

James Worthy says Kobe Bryant is still attacking the basket and looking very good in spite of his game having changed, and stresses that the team will look better when it gets healthy.

Injuries haunting the Lakers once again

Sounds of the Game: Lakers players talk about the difficulty of playing with some many key guys missing so early..

Communication and defense

Access 360: Coach Dave Miller analyzes what went wrong defensively for the Lakers in the loss against the Jazz.

Preseason highlights: Lakers vs. Jazz

4-Minute Replay: Shorthanded Lakers fall to the Utah Jazz in Anaheim.

Jordan Hill looking to be a key player for the Lakers

The Lakers big man talks about his role in the team and the grueling training camp under Byron Scott.

Xavier Henry and Ryan Kelly visit the troops

Xavier Henry and Ryan Kelly show their appreciation to the men and women in uniform in a visit to the Naval Hospital in San Diego.

Coach Sacre vs. Coach Young

Backstage Lakers: Robert Sacre and Nick Young go head-to-head as coaches in a celebrity basketball game, all for a good cause.

Byron Scott era starts in San Diego

Backstage Lakers: Go behind the scenes as Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash make a triumphant return to the court with the Lakers.

Transition defense issues for the Lakers

Access 360: Coach Dave Miller analyzes the challenges the Lakers are having with transition defense.

A Laker Life: Jonathan Oe, stitching history

As the man in charge of making the uniforms of the Lakers, Jonathan Oe tells the stories behind dressing some of team’s greatest stars.

Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin dealing with injuries

Lakers head coach Byron Scott discusses the issues he's dealing with at the point guard position as Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin struggle with injuries.

Kobe Bryant talks NBA TV deal and the future

Kobe Bryant offered his opinion on the 2016 NBA TV deal and the notion that players should take less than their market value in order to in championships.

Xavier Henry practices but is not ready to return

Xavier Henry practiced on Tuesday and said he felt better, but is being cautious during the preseason and won’t return for now.

Nick Young practicing despite injury

Swaggy P was back on the court working on his conditioning after going through surgery on Monday. He told the media he is also working on his lefty shots.

Lakers injury update from Byron Scott

The Lakers head coach spoke about the current situation of some of his injured players, which include Jeremy Lin, Jordan Clarkson, Xavier Henry and Ryan Kelly.

A Laker Life: Former Lakers center invents jump hook shot

A Laker Life: The story of Billy "The Hill" McGill, chapter 1 - McGill is now 74 and has told the story hundreds of times, but still brightens when he shares the tale of a pick-up game in 1956 being interrupted by three NBA Hall of Famers. Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell and Guy Rodgers walked into Denker gymnasium to check out the best high school player in Los Angeles.

Lots to work on for Byron Scott and the Lakers

Sounds of the Game: Lakers looking to learn from the tough defeat against Golden State.

Preseason Highlights: Lakers fall to Warriors in Ontario

4-Minute Replay: Lakers can’t hold Stephen Curry and the Warriors in second-straight loss.

Jordan Clarkson injury opens opportunities for others

Lakers rookie Jordan Clarkson will be out for at least a week after suffering a calf injury on Thursday, a development that will open opportunities for other players looking for a spot in the roster.

Lakers fall to the Warriors at Staples Center

4-Minute Replay: The Lakers went down early in the game and never recovered as they suffered their first loss under Byron Scott.

Coach Scott: ‘We got to play harder’

Sounds of the Game: Lakers head coach Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant will be looking to make adjustments after falling to Golden State.

Ellington talks about trying out for the Lakers

Wayne Ellington says that Byron Scott runs the hardest practices in the league and talks about what his role on the Lakers could be.

Nick Young puts the Me in Media Day

Backstage Lakers: Swaggy P shows why he is a natural fit for media day.

Kobe Bryant on Media Day

Backstage Lakers: Kobe Bryant faces the media throng, catches up with the Access SportsNet crew and answers everybody's favorite question one more time.

Lakers practice takes shape

Backstage Lakers: it's no secret that Byron Scott plans to stress conditioning and the players get a first-hand look during the first practice.

Pride in the purple and gold

Backstage Lakers: It's the first week of practice but Coach Byron Scott is in midseason form with this speech about what it means to wear a Lakers jersey.

Coach Scott talks about playing rotations

Coach Byron Scott talks about his mindset as he tries to evaluate so many players before the Lakers second preseason game.

Lakers make strides on defense

James Worthy says that improved perimeter defense has helped the Lakers' overall defensive effort and rebounding.

Ed Davis: 'Just play hard'

Lakers center Ed Davis talks to Coach Dave Miller about what he brings to the court, Byron Scott's leadership style and much more.

Jamison joins the team

Former Laker and long-time NBA player Antawn Jamison has joined Time Warner Cable SportsNet as an analyst.

Byron Scott looking to correct defensive mistakes

Sounds of the Game: Lakers head coach Byron Scott praised his team's efforts, but lamented giving up too many fouls. Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin feeling good after their first preseason game.

Kobe Bryant's moves against the Nuggets

Access 360: Coach Dave Miller analyzes the way Kobe Bryant played in his return to the court against Denver.

Lakers start on the right foot

4-Minute Replay: Lakers kick off their preseason looking energetic and focused as they defeat the Denver Nuggets 98-95 in San Diego.

Julius Randle's first dunk in the NBA

Wayne Ellington finds Lakers rookie Julius Randle, who introduces himself to the league with an explosive hammer dunk.

Byron Scott's analysis of the Lakers ahead of preseason

Coach Dave Miller goes one-on-one with Lakers head coach Byron Scott to discuss how the team is looking in different aspects of the game after one week of practice.

Byron Scott’s emotional return to the Lakers

Backstage Lakers: Byron Scott pays a visit to Lakers president Jeanie Buss after being named the team’s new head coach.

4-Minute Replay: Keane, Galaxy dominate Toronto FC

Robbie Keane scored a pair of incredible goals and Alan Gordon blasted another from long range as the Galaxy handled Toronto with ease, 3-0.

Chef Omar takes to the kitchen on 'Backstage: Galaxy'

Backstage Galaxy: Omar Gonzalez receives a special lesson on his passion outside of soccer -- cooking.

For the Lakers so far - the Price is right

Ronnie Price has been the talk of Lakers camp for his energized play and the 9-year veteran talks about finding a niche.

Kobe's back and still has his back-to-the-basket game

Access 360: A breakdown of Kobe Bryant's fadeaway jumper and how he uses balance to play with his back to the basket.

Lin says Scott's workouts are making the Lakers better

Coach Byron Scott called it a light day but Jeremy Lin and others admit to being tired after Friday's practice and scrimmage.

A setback for Swaggy P

Nick Young tore the radial collateral ligament in his thumb, will have surgery Monday and could miss between six and eight weeks.

Kobe Bryant talks to the media after a Lakers scrimmage

The superstar fills it up on offense and the scrimmage comes down to a last-second play before Bryant takes questions from the media.

Kupchak talks about his expectations of Kobe and Nash

Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak talks about the year-round nature of the sport and what he expects this season from Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash.

A Laker Life: The assistant coach Frank Hamblen

Frank Hamblen talks about winning seven titles alongside Phil Jackson including five with the Lakers.

The return of Swaggy P.

Backstage Lakers: The cameras follow Nick Young as he returns to the Lakers facility to sign his new contract with the team.

Kobe Bryant feeling great after 5-on-5 scrimmage

Kobe Bryant restated that he feels like himself and has no physical impediments after going through his second day of training camp.

Jeremy Lin's first day as a Laker

Go behind the scenes with Jeremy Lin as he receives a tour of the Lakers facilities and gets a taste of the rich history of the purple and gold.

Julius Randle feeling comfortable in training camp

The Lakers rookie talks about the different drills that he’s had to do under Lakers head coach Byron Scott’s leadership and discusses the differences with what he used to do at the college level.

Carlos Boozer's physicality and experience

Access 360: Coach Dave Miller analyzes what Carlos Boozer can offer the Lakers this season in terms of vision and presence.

Jeremy Lin staying focused during tough training camp

The Lakers point guard talks about what makes Byron Scott’s training camp “the hardest one” he’s ever been in.

Byron Scott: ‘Kobe and Nash look great’

The Lakers head coach Byron Scott praised his veterans’ ability to hit the ground running in training camp despite being inactive for so long and explained what his defensive system is going to look like.

Johnson: Lakers will be more serious under Byron Scott

Coach Dave Miller caught up with Wesley Johnson after the Lakers’ second day of practice to talk about the toughness of the training camp and his role in the team.

A long road for Lakers on the way to new season

Old players left and new players (such as Carlos Boozer) arrived as the Lakers changed a lot heading into the new season. Here is a recap of the offseason moves.

Kobe: 'The physical checkpoints are all done'

Lakers star Kobe Bryant isn't apprehensive at all about his health and is ready to help the team get better.

Lakers have the most 'Linteresting Man in the World'

Jeremy Lin has a new video on YouTube in which his friends dream up new endorsement ideas for him.

Mitch Kupchak: 'Our goal is to win a championship'

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak tells Chris McGee that even though the team has been down the last couple of years, their aim for the season is to finish as high as ever.

Nick Young interrupts Ryan Kelly's interview

Ryan Kelly may not be a rookie anymore, but that doesn't mean Nick Young won't pick on him. Swaggy P interrupts Kelly's interview and takes over his seat.

Robert Sacre talks food and basketball

Lakers big man Robert Sacre caught up with Kelli Tennant to talk about his approach to a new Lakers season and explain some particular Canadian desserts.

Jordan Clarkson's versatility

Access 360: Coach Dave Miller breaks down Jordan Clarkson's abilities and explains why he would work in a Byron Scott system.

Julius Randle looking to adjust quickly to the Lakers

Lakers rookie Julius Randle went through his first Media Day as an NBA player and spoke about his intentions to learn and adapt quickly to the league and his team.

Lakers Media Day starts the 2014-15 season

Opinions and reactions from Byron Scott and his players as they start their preparations for the season.

Jeremy Lin looking to be more dynamic

Jeremy Lin sat down with James Worthy and Chris McGee to discuss his role with the Lakers under Byron Scott.

Steve Nash optimistic heading into training camp

The Lakers point guard is hoping to stay healthy and have a key role for the Lakers this season.

Kobe Bryant feeling 'calm and ready' ahead of the season

Kobe Bryant reiterated his intentions to come back strong this season during a conversation with James Worthy and Chris McGee during Media Day.

Wesley Johnson feeling at home in Los Angeles

The Lakers power forward talks to Chris McGee and James Worthy about the improvements he's made in his game over the summer and his expectations for the season.

Byron Scott thinking big ahead of the NBA season

Lakers head coach Byron Scott returned to the Access SportsNet desk for the day to discuss his plans for the season and the toughness of his training camp.

Mitch Kupchak expects Julius Randle to earn his minutes

The Lakers general manager said he doesn’t want to put too many expectations on Lakers rookie Julius Randle during his first season.

Jeremy Lin's shooting abilities

Access 360: Coach Dave Miller breaks down the different ways Jeremy Lin can score.

L.A. fans greet Jeremy Lin

The Lakers point guard met with Lakers fans for the first time in Los Angeles; signed autographs and took photos.

Mitch Kupchak counting on Kobe and Nash to stay healthy

Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak said both Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash are looking healthy and believes they will have great comebacks.

How good will Kobe Bryant be next season?

Coach Dave Miller and Kevin Ding discuss the prospects for Kobe Bryant this coming season, and both say there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic.

Lots to like about Jeremy Lin's game

Access 360: Coach Dave Miller says Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin has "everything you want in a passer" and loves the guard's ability to attack the rim.

Excitement about Jordan Clarkson

Lakers players like Ryan Kelly have been impressed by the play of Jordan Clarkson in workouts so far, but what can fans expect to see from the rookie point guard?

Jeremy Lin feeling good ahead of training camp

The Lakers point guard says he’s in great shape after enjoying a summer free of setbacks; praises Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant on their fitness ahead of training camp.

Byron Scott ‘anxious’ to start training camp

Lakers head coach Byron Scott gives an update on Kobe Bryant as he discusses the intensity he’s looking to bring into the Lakers training sessions.

Jordan Hill working on his jump shot

Lakers big man Jordan Hill spoke to Chris McGee about the improvements he’s looking to make this season and his very particular way to describe what he has seen from Kobe Bryant at practice.

Wayne Ellington excited to be reunited with Byron Scott

Chris McGee caught up with Lakers new signing Wayne Ellington, who played for Byron Scott in Cleveland and it’s looking forward to take advantage of a new opportunity in Los Angeles.

Julius Randle takes on the coaches

Backstage Lakers: Exclusive footage of Julius Randle as he takes on Mark Madsen on a game of 2-v-2 after practice.

Lessons from James Worthy in the Big Apple

Backstage Lakers: While in New York to represent the Lakers in the NBA Draft Lottery, “Big Game” takes a moment to offer some advice to the players hoping to make be selected.

Testing Julius Randle’s abilities

Backstage Lakers: Big man Julius Randle impresses the Lakers coaching staff with his speed, versatility and willingness to work hard.

Backstage Lakers: New season, new additions

On the first episode of Season 3, the “Backstage: Lakers” cameras follow General Manager Mitch Kupchak as he makes key additions to the team with Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson. Don’t miss the new episode this Wednesday, September 24th, at 5 p.m. PT.

4-Minute Replay: Galaxy rally past Dallas, clinch playoff berth

Robbie Keane and Alan Gordon scored second-half goals as the LA Galaxy rallied to beat FC Dallas 2-1, move to the top of the Western Conference and clinch a playoff berth.

Access 360: Will Julius Randle make an instant impact?

Coach Dave Miller takes a look at Lakers rookie Julius Randle and says he likes the big man's versatility and poise.

17-year-old Galaxy player adjusting to the game

Backstage Galaxy: Bradford Jamieson IV, 17, has a lot of family support as he embarks on his career as a professional athlete.