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The girl with the white bikini

Laker Girls: One of the contestants stands out with an outfit she found at her local Target.

Under pressure

Laker Girls: Making the team one year does not ensure a spot the next. But Laker Girl Director Lisa Estrada thinks re-auditioning is no big deal and she wouldn't have it any other way.

The shimmy, part 1

Laker Girls: The girls must learn a novelty dance that involves a lot of shaking and shimmying. Their performance in the dance will determine their fates in the third round.

The shimmy, part 2

The Laker Girls contestants perform the novelty dance for the judges

'They want it badly'

Laker Girls: One of the judges says the returning veterans are even more thirsty to make it on to the team.

Learning curves

Laker Girls: After falling short last year, Jenny has come back stronger than ever in her effort to make the cut as a Laker Girl.

Over before you know it

When the adrenaline is pumping and a dancer is lost in the moment, an audition for the Laker Girls can be a blur.

'You can't not watch her'

Laker Girls: A veteran from last year's team impresses the judges with her look, moves and dedication.