Poll: What is Kobe Bryant's best commercial?

Kobe Bryant is the most popular Laker, and among the most popular players in the NBA. The primary reason for that is of course his talent, but another reason is his exposure. Kobe does a lot of commercials, and he's good at them.

Hoopshype.com (hat tip to Lakers Nation) counted them up, and among active NBA players, Bryant ranks second in the league with 42 appearances in commercials, one more than LeBron James. Kevin Durant leads the league with 67 commercials. Overall, the Lakers are No. 2 in the NBA with 92, just one fewer than the Miami Heat.

Which begs the question, of all Kobe Bryant's many commercials, which is the best? Let us know which one you like best, and if we've left your favorite off the list, let us know in the comments section!

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