No. 1: Winning

There are many reasons why we love the Mamba, but it all stems from this: His desire to win season after season is unmatched.

No. 2: Showmanship

We love Kobe not only because of his ability to win but because of the flare with which he does it, his showmanship, his entertainment value and his ability to make us jump from our seats at any moment.

No. 3: His clutch play

Call it a killer instinct, or a ruthless determination to succeed, if you like. We’re simply going to describe Bryant with one word – clutch -- and it’s No. 3 on our top 5 list of reasons we love the Black Mamba.

No. 4: Toughness

Kobe Bryant’s career has been marked with injuries that would make anyone cringe. Kobe is not “any” athlete however, which is why – at No. 4 – we honor his ability to stay tough through the years, becoming one of the most legendary figures in the NBA.

No. 5: Sense of humor

Kobe Bryant likes to tell it like it is, often with a dose of humor. That ability to make us laugh is one of the Top 5 reasons we love the Black Mamba.