Coach Sacre vs. Coach Young

Backstage Lakers: Robert Sacre and Nick Young go head-to-head as coaches in a celebrity basketball game, all for a good cause.

Worthy: Kobe is 'still getting the job done'

James Worthy says Kobe Bryant is still attacking the basket and looking very good in spite of his game having changed, and stresses that the team will look better when it gets healthy.

Lakers fans say Jeremy Lin most impressive newcomer on team so far

Open Forum Recap: An overwhelming majority of Lakers fans say that Jeremy Lin has been the most impressive Lakers newcomer so far this season.

A Laker Life: Jonathan Oe, stitching history

As the man in charge of making the uniforms of the Lakers, Jonathan Oe tells the stories behind dressing some of team’s greatest stars.

Communication and defense

Access 360: Coach Dave Miller analyzes what went wrong defensively for the Lakers in the loss against the Jazz.

Injuries haunting the Lakers once again

Sounds of the Game: Lakers players talk about the difficulty of playing with some many key guys missing so early.

Preseason highlights: Lakers vs. Jazz

4-Minute Replay: Shorthanded Lakers fall to the Utah Jazz in Anaheim.

Lakers Wrap: Kobe’s effort not enough as Jazz win 119-86

Bryant led the Lakers with 27 points, five rebounds and four assists in 28 minutes of play. Still, the young Jazz team put up a good collective effort as they were led by Gordon Hayward, who recorded 16 points. Derrick Favors and Dante Exum added 15 and 13 points respectively.

Lakers practice takes shape

Backstage Lakers: it's no secret that Byron Scott plans to stress conditioning and the players get a first-hand look during the first practice.

Xavier Henry practices but is not ready to return

Xavier Henry practiced on Tuesday and said he felt better, but is being cautious during the preseason and won’t return for now.

Nick Young puts the Me in Media Day

Backstage Lakers: Swaggy P shows why he is a natural fit for media day.

A Laker Life: The assistant coach Frank Hamblen

Frank Hamblen talks about winning seven titles alongside Phil Jackson including five with the Lakers

Kobe Bryant on Media Day

Backstage Lakers: Kobe Bryant faces the media throng, catches up with the Access SportsNet crew and answers everybody's favorite question one more time.

Pride in the purple and gold

Backstage Lakers: It's the first week of practice but Coach Byron Scott is in midseason form with this speech about what it means to wear a Lakers jersey.

Inside the Game: Kobe Bryant’s ultimate challenge with the Lakers

Bryant's challenges are centered on coming back from two severe injuries and proving he can stay healthy, but it’s more than that. It’s also about showing he can reinvent his game and remain effective as he ages, and it’s about proving he can lead a band of mostly young, unproven Lakers back into playoff contention.